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  1. You must be 13 years or older to use The Blast App.
  2. You must not post nude, partially nude, or sexually suggestive content.
  3. You are responsible for any activity that occurs under your account.
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  10. You must not copy, reproduce, transmit, modify or hack our mobile application.
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  13. All items submitted and sold on the The Blast App Marketplace must be 100% owned by the submitter and seller.

Use the The Blast App mobile application at your own risk. Although we prohibit malicious content on our mobile application, please be aware that you may be exposed to malicious content from users directly or when they share a third party site. If you come across any harmful, malicious or objectionable content, you should flag the content and we will review the content within 24 hours and if that user is found guilty, the content will be removed immediately and that user will be banned from using our services. By using the The Blast App mobile application, you agree that The Blast App is not responsible for any damages claims or other liability related to your use or the use of any The Blast App user or third party website. Violations of these Terms will result in the termination of your account. You agree we may moderate The Blast App use in our sole discretion.


In regards to the accuracy, wholeness, security, reliability, availability and timeliness of The Blast App; we have the right to make no guarantees and promises. SO PLEASE, USE THE BLAST APP AT YOUR OWN RISK! We are not responsible for any wrongdoings or harm resulting from the following: user conduct, user content, any damages or loss of profit or other personal property.


When you use sign up and use Blast Safety, the data that we collect may be used by your local or federal police authorities for evidence collection.


We have recently partnered with the KIN FOUNDATION which will allow The Blast App users to earn the cryptocurrency Kin for the time, energy, ideas, opinions, and creativity they share on The Blast App. Kin is a decentralized cryptocurrency token and it's purpose is to shift the perspective on how people create, share, and distribute value online. By creating a decentralized ecosystem based around shared experiences Kin's goal is to put users, app developers, content creators, and brands on the same team while making everything transparent and fair. This allows companies like ours (The Blast App) to find a sustainable revenue stream while allowing users to retain control of their data and digital lives. Meaning, we do not need to hoard and sell your personal data like other social services. We facilitate your access to a decentralized blockchain ecosystem stewarded by the Kin Ecosystem (the “Kin Ecosystem”, and such decentralized blockchain ecosystem, the “Ecosystem”) and use of the native token within the Kin Ecosystem (“Kin”). You can find out more about Kin and the Ecosystem at the following website: www.kinecosystem.org

You agree that: (a) you are using Kin at your own risk, on an as-is and where-is basis; (b) you will abide by any policies made available by the Ecosystem in respect of the Ecosystem; (c) we are not representing or warranting that Kin has any real monetary value; (d) we may discontinue the integration of Kin or the Ecosystem within The Blast App at any time for any reason; and (e) we are not responsible for any Kin applications or opportunities developed by the Kin Ecosystem and other third parties.

Kin Wallet. The Kin Foundation’s SDK made available wallet services within the The Blast App application for you to store Kin. The wallet is accessible to any person that has access to your mobile device. By signing up to The Blast App you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to maintain the safety and security of your mobile device, and that any person having access to your mobile device may be able to spend Kin that you have stored within your wallet.

Kin Earn and Spend Opportunities. We make available to you within the The Blast App application opportunities from us or third parties from the Kin Ecosystem to earn or to spend Kin. While some of these opportunities will be integrated within the The Blast App application and may appear as though they are part of the The Blast App application, some of these opportunities are from third parties from the Kin Ecosystem and not us. While we may bring to your attention that an opportunity is made available by a third party from the Kin Ecosystem, it is your responsibility to carefully review each opportunity.Irreversibility of Kin Transactions. You acknowledge that all Kin transactions are irreversible and that it is your sole responsibility to ensure you make each decision to spend or transfer Kin carefully.

  1. We reserve the right to modify or terminate our Terms of Use for any reason and without a warning.
  2. We reserve the right to alter these Terms to our liking at any time.
  3. We reserve the right, in accordance to the necessary laws, to refuse service to anyone at any time.
  4. We may moderate and therefor remove content that we think violates these Terms at any time.
  5. We are not responsible for the actions from any user using the The Blast App.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate any user for any reason and without a warning.
  1. 1. You agree that you are solely responsible for your user content and we are not responsible or liable for any User Content.
  2. 2. By submitting user content you grant us a non exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license to use your content to our liking
  3. 3. You agree that any feedback, ideas or suggestions that you provide about our services shall become sole property of The Blast App. We love feedback that we can use to make our services better. Please do not share your ideas with us if you expect to be compensated or want to continue to own or claim rights to them.
  4. 4. This Privacy Policy is a part of our Terms of Use, if you do not agree with the following practices, please do not use our mobile application.
We collect the following information from users:

Email addresses. Real names. Usernames. Phone numbers. Address book information. Usage history. Users location. Users Blast points. We have a global leaderboard where we display the top power users. Saved blasts.

The Kin Foundation collects the following information from users:

When you sign up to earn and spend Kin currency within the The Blast App application, the Kin Foundation collects information necessary to facilitate transactions involving Kin (such as the transaction value and the person with whom you are transacting; or if you’re transferring Kin to someone else, that person’s Kin Wallet information and details about the transfer), and create or connect your public wallet address. When you choose to earn, spend or transfer Kin within the The Blast App application, the Kin Foundation will collect and process a record of your transactions. Such information may include things like the date and time of a transaction, information identifying your account information and the account you are transacting with. Transaction information may also include your public wallet address, balance, transaction history, and blockchain transaction identifiers (such as the transaction hash), the public wallet address of payers and payees. You should be aware that when you earn and spend Kin, your blockchain transactions will be publicly visible to anyone who has access to the blockchain.

We do not collect the following information:

Private Message content. All messages/chats in private, public blasts, AMA, and safety are deleted forever from our servers after 24 hours. Messages/chats from the Blast Marketplace are deleted after 30 days.

Data Security

We value your data and we know how important it is to you. We use many safeguards to protect your information, however we can not ensure that the information that you submit on the The Blast App mobile app will be protected, so do so at your own risk.

International Users

The Blast App, the mobile application is hosted in the United States and intended for United States users under the United States law.

By using our service you agree to be bound by the regulations and laws of the United States.

If there are any issues or if you have any questions regarding these terms you may contact us at www.twitter.com/joinblastapp.